Cook: Crab and Spinach Lasagna

My local mom & pop grocery had Maryland back-fin crabmeat on sale. I had some ricotta cheese on hand, so I decided to make crab lasagna. Please be warned that I like an ignorant amount of mozzarella on my pasta. Yes, I know Italians never mix seafood and cheese. I’m not Italian.

Cook: Shrimp Fried Rice

I volunteer in a community garden in an area referred to as a “food desert.” Food deserts are low-income neighborhoods that do not have ready access to fresh, healthy, and affordable food. The garden is organic and tended by the neighborhood’s residents, who volunteer their time as part of a kind of ‘sweat equity’ CSA.… Continue reading Cook: Shrimp Fried Rice

Cook: Quest for the Perfect Crab Soup

Many years ago I had a craving for crab soup. Not the veggie heavy, tomatoey Maryland style soup. I wanted a soup with cream and fat lumps of crab meat. The traditional cream of crab soups from local restaurants didn’t do it for me. Some of them tasted like sherry-spiked library paste. I started experimenting… Continue reading Cook: Quest for the Perfect Crab Soup

Cook – The Farmer’s Market Haul

I admit it. I have a crush on Marcus Samuelsson. Alas, he has a beautiful wife so I must content myself with reading his Facebook and Twitter updates. His tweet linking to a recipe for fresh corn polenta piqued my curiosity. I followed the link and read the recipe. It was so simple it was… Continue reading Cook – The Farmer’s Market Haul

Cook – What To Do With a Free Lobster

I was meandering through the Baltimore Farmer’s Market yesterday and noticed that Salt River Lobster had a trivia question posted. I stepped up and offered what I thought might be the correct answer. Moments later, I was walking away with a paper sack containing a live lobster. Fortunately, I had already purchased my fresh fruit… Continue reading Cook – What To Do With a Free Lobster