Drink: Blackberry Mint Fizz

I’m coming up with more uses for the mint syrup  This recipe is a play on the Blackberry Tom Collins recipe by White on Rice Couple. I think the mint plays nicely with the lime and blackberries. And yeah the gin doesn’t hurt either. Special equipment: Collins glass (or any tall glass), muddler Blackberry Mint… Continue reading Drink: Blackberry Mint Fizz

Drink: What Would F. Scott Fitzgerald Drink?

I wrote an essay inspired by F.Scott Fitzgerald last fall for a school assignment. In my essay I took Scott (we were on a first-name basis by the time I finished writing the thing) out for a drink in present-day Baltimore. Scott lived (and drank) in Baltimore in the 1930s. I wanted to imagine what… Continue reading Drink: What Would F. Scott Fitzgerald Drink?