Coconut Lime Chicken : Cook

While perusing Pinterest, I came across an Indonesian inspired chicken dish by Menu Musings. Never one to leave well enough alone, I made some changes,  To make things juicier, I went for thighs rather than breasts (that sounds dirty). To spice things up, I added a chopped Habañero to the marinade, If you don’t like things quite so spicy,… Continue reading Coconut Lime Chicken : Cook

Cook: Simply Sexy Chicken Breasts

Boneless-skinless chicken breasts—they are healthy,convenient…and boring. A quick brine, some barbecue sauce, sautéed onions and mushrooms, bacon, and cheese and you have some sexy chicken! Bow-Chicka-wow-wow! Try this easy recipe. Let me know what you think in the comments below! Simply Sexy Chicken Breasts Ingredients Brine 4 cups warm water ¼ cup kosher salt 1 teaspoon black… Continue reading Cook: Simply Sexy Chicken Breasts

Cook: Bacon Buffalo Mac & Cheese

I saw a recipe for buffalo chicken macaroni and cheese on Pinterest. Sadly, like many things on Pinterest, it was only good in theory. Soooo, I retreated into my laboratory kitchen to come up with something better.  White on Rice Couple’s method of cooking the pasta directly in the milk intrigued me, so I incorporated that step… Continue reading Cook: Bacon Buffalo Mac & Cheese

Cook: Lunch Bunch Chicken Chili

This week I brought in chicken chili for the lunch bunch. I’ve been working on my chicken chili recipe for quite some time. The lunch bunch assured me that I had perfected it. I’m a late-bloomer to the chili cookery realm. I hated chili as a kid. Specifically, I hated beans. But recently I found… Continue reading Cook: Lunch Bunch Chicken Chili

COOK: Quinoa — Queen of Casseroles

I got my first taste of quinoa under a bridge. Well it was the under the I-83 viaduct at the Baltimore Farmers’ Market & Bazaar. The Mushroom Stand sells a mushroom and quinoa dish that is virtuous yet meaty (although there is no actual meat) and satisfying. I came across the recipe for Cozy Quinoa… Continue reading COOK: Quinoa — Queen of Casseroles

COOK: I Just Want Your Creamy Thighs

I was in the mood for something saucy and cheesy and comforting so I came up with this dish. It’s kind of like a beef stroganoff, but with chicken-and cheese. The Greek yogurt gives the sauce some body and a tangy kick. A dash of soy sauce gives the dish some umami – a pleasant… Continue reading COOK: I Just Want Your Creamy Thighs