Feast: Beefalo Bobs Carryout

Sliced thin with a deli-slicer and piled on a bun, pit beef can make a roast beast sandwich hang it’s head in shame (I’m looking at you — Arby’s).


Feast: Shoo-fly Diner

Shoo-fly Diner 510 E Belvedere Ave Baltimore, MD 21212 http://www.shooflydiner.com (410) 464-9222 Poutine–French fries topped with cheese curds and gravy–is quintessential Canadian diner food. I’ve always wanted to try it, but I haven’t made the trek to Canada yet. Before going to Shoo-fly, a not so quintessential diner in Baltimore, I did my usual research.… Continue reading Feast: Shoo-fly Diner

Feast: Greg’s Bagels

I usually post a picture of the food I’m writing about. But — I ate it before I even thought about posting a review. You know how people say, ‘Good morning. How are you?’ And you know how you usually reply ‘I’m well. How are you?’ Well, that morning, I found myself replying, “I had a great bagel!”… Continue reading Feast: Greg’s Bagels

Feast: Jury Duty

The night before jury duty I sent out a plea via Facebook and Twitter for lunch recommendations. Thank goodness for my foodie friends. The first recommendation was for the halal cart in front of the courthouse (Thanks Jon!). Baltimore City gives jurors $15 in cash as compensation. I was able to get a great lunch… Continue reading Feast: Jury Duty