Drink: It was a dark and stormy night…

Dark & Stormy

The day started out great. I got up really early then walked a mile to yoga class. I did an hour’s worth of up dogging, downward dogging, breathing, stretching, and lots of other yoga stuff. I walked the mile back to my apartment — feeling very virtuous. After a quick shower I was back out again to go to my very first massage appointment.

After a glorious hour-long massage, I  got in my car and started it. The low tire pressure light glared back at me.  “No worries,” I thought. A quick dash to the tire place for some free air and I’ll be on my way. Ha! No such luck.

The cute young man looked up at me and said “You know you have a nail in your tire right?” “Can I get a patch?” I asked sure that this would just lighten my wallet by $15 or so. “No. The nail is in the shoulder of the wheel and can’t be patched,” the young man said, looking up at me with his big brown eyes. It’s a shame for a man to have lashes that long. Anyhoo – 2 hours later and $122 lighter in the wallet. I was on my way.

The day turned gloomy. I went home and decided I deserved a cocktail. I was not in the mood to mix up anything complicated. I decided that a Dark & Stormy cocktail suited the weather and my mood. This drink originated in Bermuda so I keep Bermudian ginger beer such as Gosling’s or Barritts on hand. The dark rum floating on top of the white ginger beer looks like a tempest in a – Collins glass. Cheers!

Dark & Stormy

1.5 ounces dark rum (I use Gosling’s)
Ginger Beer

  1. Pour ginger beer over ice in a tall glass, leaving room at the top for the rum.
  2. Pour rum over ginger beer
  3. Drink
  4. Repeat (Responsibly)

 *Some folks like to add a squeeze of lime. I’m not one of them.


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